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~*AxL RoSe DrEaMs*~

Any of you guys have 'em?

I've only had two in my entire life ^_^' One just last night and two summers ago.

The one that happened two summers ago was I was at this camp with people from my school and we were partnered up to do this scavenger hunt. I was partnered with this kid Chip, but then the tables turned and then I was partnered up with SLASH AND AXL ROSE!!! But then for some reason Axl was at this store so I went desperately looking for him after some security lady jumped me and I mean literally she like melted on top of me I met up with him and asked for his autograph and got it! And I told him how I dressed as him for homecoming week (it was dress as a celebrity) with my hair down in a hat and bandanna. He even complimented how I did look like him! Though my eyes aren't blue. He even HUGGED ME!!!

In that dream he looked like he did in the 80's in the next dream it's his present self wearing cornrows in a ponytail.

Okay the dream I had last night was even BETTER than the first one! I don't remember anything else of the dream except somebody was driving me in a car and I was in the backseat with Axl!! I was too starstruck and too shy to talk so he did alot of the talking (REALLY WISH I REMEMBER WHAT HE SAID TO ME!!!) Anyway he was SHIRTLESS wearing I think black jeans. I layed below his shoulder and started laying my hand on his chest sorta rubbing it. lol I felt his naval. And *heart beats faster* he tucked his arm around my waist tight and smiled!!!!

That has got to be the best dreams I've ever had. I also had one of Slash I and other teenagers were holding guitars in this arena like the one in their Paradise City music video and he was wearing all black leather with the wind blowing in his hair teaching us how to play guitar.

So yea those are the only Axl and GNR dreams I've ever had so I'm really curious have you guys ever had one or more? If so please tell me in full detail I'd love to read them!
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