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Axl Rose Community


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9/18/05 Could 2006 be the year for legendary Axl Rose?
9/3/05 John Kalodner Speaks About Axl
8/29/05 Axl's Lawyer Responds to Lawsuit
8/23/05 Slash & Duff Sue Axl
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slash [
April 11th, 2009]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I just made a Fan Club for Slash if anyones interested. After looking around and finding out that all of the fan clubs that have the word Slash in them are actually gay fan clubs, I decided to make one that was actually about Saul Hudson (Slash) the guitarist. If anybody's interested, join via the link below. 


                Thanks, From Sharklemons

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this is gonna sound nuts... [
March 27th, 2009]

but how much does cee-lo sound like axl in this:

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February 11th, 2009]

[ mood | optimistic ]

The first interview Axl gave for 9 years:
Down here

And i also would like to invite you in our new Guns N' Roses community- Appetite for Illusions.It would be great to see more people.

guns_illusions guns_illusions guns_illusions 
Join :}}}

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Newbe [
August 2nd, 2008]

[ mood | creative ]


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Axl and Stephanie [
June 24th, 2008]

AxlCollapse )
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April 9th, 2008]



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March 3rd, 2008]




Skinny / Slim Fit

RRP. £15.00 Get it for 6.99!!



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some help plz [
May 2nd, 2007]

Hi there, I'm not an english speaker (posting from Moscow actually) so I ask for some help here. I understand 50% of what he's saying on this video and it's not a problem for me to translate, but sometimes it's really hard to understand some spoken american, curses and stuff like that. So it will be great if smb post Axl's speech at full or at least a little summary, cause I'm not quite shure that I got the point right. Thanks!

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Possible Reunion? [
April 17th, 2007]

[ mood | sleepy ]

This link posts that Slash is saying he now wants a classic GNR reunion....


Do any of you think this is true or complete media crap?

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February 6th, 2007]

In a town called Lafayette, a baby was born
45 years ago, on that holy morn.
His name was William, but we know him best
As Axl Rose, God-child from the mid-west
He healed the sick, raised the dead, and turned water into wine.
And cast those deserving into hell, like Kurt Cobain, the swine
Praising the Lord is what we're doing here
On His birthday, the most wonderful time of year
A time to be thankful that in a month we foresee
The glorious arrival of Chinese Democracy
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"Better" Music Video on Youtube [
February 4th, 2007]

[ mood | cold ]

I decided to post this just incase nobody knew GNR had a music video for this song and apparently its on youtube. I don't know if its really real or a fan that good just made one up but it looks real, so I thought you guys might enjoy it:



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December 15th, 2006]

[ mood | enthralled ]




MARCH 6!!!!!!



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GNR and Chinese Democracy on AIM. [
November 24th, 2006]


Link to Article

Source: AIM Today
Date: November 24, 2006

I was also going through a magazine in a local coffee shop and I found a 3 or 4 page spread on Ax not too long ago. Scans for that soon.

X-posted to:  , gnr



gnr_daily , axlrose_worship
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November 15th, 2006]

[ mood | satisfied ]

AHHHH i went to a GNR show at 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD on the 13th, and.... wow... absolutely AMAZING!
the only thing that sucked was the very first opening act, which was a bunch of very unattractive strippers who couldnt dance worth shit... wtf?
but other than that, the whole show was good. especially GNR's set. and i must say, Axl STILL has it =]
he did the shuffle and everything! and EVERY note he sang was perfect.
best show of my life =]

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November 11th, 2006]

I went to the GNR concert at Madison Squre Garden last night. I got there a lil late, NEw York Traffic is crazy. OMG was that concert amazing.There are no words to describe how great that concert was. Axl still has it......
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GunsNRoses! [
October 27th, 2006]

So me and my friend went to the GNR concert that was here Oct.25
Great seats and great view at the bottom wish I could have been on the floor though where everyone was standing.
The warm up shows Sebastion Bach and Papa Roach were really entertaining too.
Axl and his band performed great!
It rocked so much I was screaming orgasms loud.
I love that man ^_^
Their performance was amazing, especially Knocking on Heaven's Door he strained those vocals so high I swear people out of the stadium could hear it. His two guitarists did a solo on I Am Beautiful and they had awesome pyro technics going on. I love his new song, Better and I can't wait to buy their new album, Chinese Democracy.
Later we walked alittle down row near the stage closer some while he was singing I blew a kiss to him and I swear he broke into a smile at me cuz we both were staring straight at eachother.
I don't care what most my friends say he still is the greatest frontman in the world. I loved everything about the concert and sang to every song.
At the end he even threw his mic into the crowd but it went over our heads and some other guy got it.
Oh well all I really wanted out of it was to finally see Axl and GNR perform and I did and I'm extremely happy! Can't wait till they come to town again!

"Hello Tampa its very, very, nice to be here" - Axl Rose.
(I still get chills when I hear him in my head say that XD)
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~*AxL RoSe DrEaMs*~ [
September 30th, 2006]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Any of you guys have 'em?

I've only had two in my entire life ^_^' One just last night and two summers ago.

The one that happened two summers ago was I was at this camp with people from my school and we were partnered up to do this scavenger hunt. I was partnered with this kid Chip, but then the tables turned and then I was partnered up with SLASH AND AXL ROSE!!! But then for some reason Axl was at this store so I went desperately looking for him after some security lady jumped me and I mean literally she like melted on top of me I met up with him and asked for his autograph and got it! And I told him how I dressed as him for homecoming week (it was dress as a celebrity) with my hair down in a hat and bandanna. He even complimented how I did look like him! Though my eyes aren't blue. He even HUGGED ME!!!

In that dream he looked like he did in the 80's in the next dream it's his present self wearing cornrows in a ponytail.

Okay the dream I had last night was even BETTER than the first one! I don't remember anything else of the dream except somebody was driving me in a car and I was in the backseat with Axl!! I was too starstruck and too shy to talk so he did alot of the talking (REALLY WISH I REMEMBER WHAT HE SAID TO ME!!!) Anyway he was SHIRTLESS wearing I think black jeans. I layed below his shoulder and started laying my hand on his chest sorta rubbing it. lol I felt his naval. And *heart beats faster* he tucked his arm around my waist tight and smiled!!!!

That has got to be the best dreams I've ever had. I also had one of Slash I and other teenagers were holding guitars in this arena like the one in their Paradise City music video and he was wearing all black leather with the wind blowing in his hair teaching us how to play guitar.

So yea those are the only Axl and GNR dreams I've ever had so I'm really curious have you guys ever had one or more? If so please tell me in full detail I'd love to read them!

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Icon post [
September 23rd, 2006]

[ mood | happy ]

So I got some good shots from the show on the 21st with my digital camera, and I also found some good pictures newgnr posted of the show the night before. (and a few random old pictures of Axl) Me and my friend messed around with them and came up with a few icons. I figured you guys would want to at least see them, so here you go:

beholdCollapse )

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Anybody live in Florida? [
September 12th, 2006]

[ mood | happy ]

'Cause I do!!!! And Guns N'Roses is playing in my town at the St. Pete Forum on Oct. 25!!!
Axl Rose here I come!! ^_~

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September 6th, 2006]

I am sure alot of you have heard of this site. But I thought I would post this just in case some hadn't. I thought alot of what it said about some people was pretty funny to read over. Sorry. I saw no need to censor myself on this post. There is people like Sebastion Bach, Dani Filth (I don't care for his music but that man is HOT!!!) & Billy Idol.

Axl Rose / Guns N Roses
(He is number 104)

Temper tantrum boy has only an average cock but above average sized balls. We heard he had one of his famous models (Seymour) take a dump in a kitty liter box!!! I don't know about you girls, but my pussy ain't going anywhere near a litter box.

LINK: http://www.metalsludge.tv/home/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=40&Itemid=54

Wow... the shit that woman did for him... literally.
I love Axl. But like she said... Who does that for thier man? OMG! I never would have suspected that from Axl! rofl. Kudos!

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! You have to take a look at this too!!! Aww Axl! OMG! No wonder I worship this man! hahahaha


Well I thought it was funny.
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September 3rd, 2006]

Did everyone see Axl Rose presenting the award on MTV? I know there was a post telling everyone about so...

I know he is a old man... but he still holds quite the sex appeal in my eyes. He should have been performing!
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Quotes you like? [
August 30th, 2006]

There were a few quotes by Axl that I came across last year, and they still strike a few chords within me.

To the quotes!Collapse )

How about you guys?
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Video Music Awards [
August 27th, 2006]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Is anybody else excited to see Axl perform on August 31 on MTV's VMA!?
Now I don't like MTV but Axl on it is a very big exception.
I'm on the freaking edge! I can't wait! Also heard he was going to unravel his cornrows I wonder how that's gona look? ^_^

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August 15th, 2006]

Why do so many people write filth about a band they adore? slash fiction for example... what the fuck? Now I don't know, maybe some people here like it. But christ, what is so entertaining or arousing about picturing a member of a band you listen to alot getting it in the ass?

I would be SOOOOOO damned disgusted if I EVER saw someone advertising a Axl & Slash or whoever gay fiction. Now why on earth would you want to picture someone you adore or think of as perfection getting deflowered?!?!? I am so thankful that Guns N' Roses fans aren't into that sick & twisted shit.

I just do not get it AT ALL. It's filth!

It took me months before I could listen to HIM seriously again after seeing someone advertising a Ville & Bam gay love romance story. NASTY!

Thank God GNR Fans don't have to ruin the image of the band in such a way!
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Evict Axl ! [
July 15th, 2006]

[ mood | awake ]


- Thought you all might like this. Very funny '80s commerical contest to win Axl's old apartment!

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