I just made a Fan Club for Slash if anyones interested. After looking around and finding out that all of the fan clubs that have the word Slash in them are actually gay fan clubs, I decided to make one that was actually about Saul Hudson (Slash) the guitarist. If anybody's interested, join via the link below. 


                Thanks, From Sharklemons
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some help plz

Hi there, I'm not an english speaker (posting from Moscow actually) so I ask for some help here. I understand 50% of what he's saying on this video and it's not a problem for me to translate, but sometimes it's really hard to understand some spoken american, curses and stuff like that. So it will be great if smb post Axl's speech at full or at least a little summary, cause I'm not quite shure that I got the point right. Thanks!

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In a town called Lafayette, a baby was born
45 years ago, on that holy morn.
His name was William, but we know him best
As Axl Rose, God-child from the mid-west
He healed the sick, raised the dead, and turned water into wine.
And cast those deserving into hell, like Kurt Cobain, the swine
Praising the Lord is what we're doing here
On His birthday, the most wonderful time of year
A time to be thankful that in a month we foresee
The glorious arrival of Chinese Democracy