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01. Name?- Nia
02. Favorite Guns N' Roses song?- Civil war <3
03. How did you find out about the band?- a friend, vh1...
04. What other bands do you like? - Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple....all the classic and hard rock bands
05. Favorite Guns N' Roses cd?- Use your Illusion ІІ
06. Other then Axl- who is your other favorite member of the band & Why?- Slash babe.Cause he has the coolest hair and the  cutest smile too/no metter if he`s drunk or not :P/And ofcourse cause he`s a genius with the guitar and he makes me crazy.....
oh, i also luv Izzy and Duff *hot*
07. Favorite music video?- Don`t cry /cause Axl`s hair is so adorable :D and cause of everything....brilliant!!!/
08. Why do you adore Axl?  - first- because of his voice- makes me go crazy, second- this lovely hair and body and clothes..../and i should say that i`m talkin about Axl before ;/

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