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So me and my friend went to the GNR concert that was here Oct.25
Great seats and great view at the bottom wish I could have been on the floor though where everyone was standing.
The warm up shows Sebastion Bach and Papa Roach were really entertaining too.
Axl and his band performed great!
It rocked so much I was screaming orgasms loud.
I love that man ^_^
Their performance was amazing, especially Knocking on Heaven's Door he strained those vocals so high I swear people out of the stadium could hear it. His two guitarists did a solo on I Am Beautiful and they had awesome pyro technics going on. I love his new song, Better and I can't wait to buy their new album, Chinese Democracy.
Later we walked alittle down row near the stage closer some while he was singing I blew a kiss to him and I swear he broke into a smile at me cuz we both were staring straight at eachother.
I don't care what most my friends say he still is the greatest frontman in the world. I loved everything about the concert and sang to every song.
At the end he even threw his mic into the crowd but it went over our heads and some other guy got it.
Oh well all I really wanted out of it was to finally see Axl and GNR perform and I did and I'm extremely happy! Can't wait till they come to town again!

"Hello Tampa its very, very, nice to be here" - Axl Rose.
(I still get chills when I hear him in my head say that XD)
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