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Quotes you like?

There were a few quotes by Axl that I came across last year, and they still strike a few chords within me.

"I'm very sensitive and emotional, and things upset me and make me feel like not functioning or not dealing with people, the band or anything. I went to a clinic, thinking it would help my moods. The only thing I did was take one 500 question test - ya know, filling in the little black dots. All of a sudden I'm diagnosed manic-depressive. 'Let's put Axl on medication.' Well, that medication doesn't help me deal with stress. The only thing it does is keep people off my back because they figure I'm on medication."

"When I get stressed, I get violent and take it out on myself. I've pulled razor blades on myself but then realized having a scar is more detrimental than not having a stereo. I'd rather go kick my stereo in than punch somebody in the face. When I get mad or upset or emotional, sometimes I'll walk over and play my piano."

Stress Management 101 with Axl. I do the same thing with musical instruments, I'll go and get some melodies out on my violin.

"When I was in school there were all these stereotypes. If you liked the Rolling Stones you were a faggot because of the time Mick Jagger kissed Keith Richards on 'Saturday Night Live'. If you like the Grateful Dead you were a hippie. If you like the Sex Pistols you were a punker. I guess that would make me a faggot hippie punk rocker."

"Right now I don't want to have a child, because I can't give it enough time. But I'd want him to talk about the music he listened to with me, and have him show me new things, and me show him new things. He could play me the Screaming Banshees From Hell, and I could play him Jimi Hendrix or something. We could talk about the music. We'd talk about things together. I think it's a parent's job to raise their child."

For some reason thinking about him talking about music to his hypothetical kid makes me a smile a lot. It's sweet.

"A lot of people hold their anger back for a few days. I just explode right away."

How about you guys?
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